The Importance Of Hiring An Event Planner!

4 reasons you need an event planner for your special occasion

You’ve said yes. It’s time to retire. Your little girl is turning 16. It’s bar mitzvah time for your 13-year-old. No matter the occasion, the reason to throw a special event means that the work is just beginning.

One of the first decisions you need to make when planning a party is whether to bring an event planner onboard to help you make the occasion memorable.

Renowned event planner Jennifer Boyle, who works at the award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park, a popular event venue for wedding, corporate events and special parties in Long Island, N.Y., says there are several things to consider when making this key decision.


Boyle, whose services are a complimentary bonus for The Inn’s clients, shares these 4 factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to hire an event planner:

1. Event day insurance: You spend a lot of time and energy putting together your special day, and an event planner will ensure that all your dreams come together beautifully and exceed your expectations the day of the event so you can sit back and enjoy the day.

2. Maintaining organization and sanity: Event planners manage and organize everything so no detail is overlooked. A good planner should keep you on track with completing tasks and timelines and guide you step-by-step with details of what needs to be done next.

3. Customization and time saving: When getting familiar with you and figuring out your style and needs, an event planner can help guide you in the right direction. An event planner assists in decision making and personalizing the design of your centerpieces, table settings, floor plans, menu design, linens, lighting and other visual details to reflect your personal touch.

4. Vendor selection and management: An event planner knows which vendors are best for your needs and which are reputable and will create a realistic timeline for them to follow. Plus, they can operate as a liaison and know what should and shouldn’t be in those vendor contracts that can affect your bottom line.

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