Don’t Settle for Restaurants for Your Next Corporate Event

Don’t Settle for Restaurants for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events are the backbone of any large company, from demonstrating the latest products and celebrating new milestones to informing the public and recognizing employees. Whether your company hosts yearly or monthly conferences, trade shows, dinners, ceremonies, or networking events, the Inn at New Hyde Park’s event planner Rene Wunderlich explains why catering halls are the best fit for your next corporate event.

Rene Wunderlich, corporate sales and event expert for the award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island, New York (, says “before you start to shop, there are a few points you must nail down to get the best rates and results.”

1. Private Rooms: As opposed to using a sliding barrier to separate one room into two seemingly “private rooms,” most catering halls are completely private with 4 distinct walls.

2. Audio Visual Equipment: Instead of utilizing restaurants – which aren’t usually equipped with the necessary microphones, podiums, screens, and projectors – for a corporate event, catering halls are better equipped for whatever your company has planned, from speeches to presentations.

3. Customized Menus: Don’t be confined to choosing entrées from a basic menu. Catering halls can customize your menu to suit whatever you have in mind!

4. Professional and Individual Maître D’ Services: Rather than waiting on a server who has 10 other tables to attend to, professional maître d’s have the sole responsibility of making sure everything in your event runs to pure perfection.

5. No Interruptions: With a private catering hall, you don’t have to worry about other customers in a crowded restaurant interrupting your conference. Instead, you can focus on what’s important at your event.

6. Busy, But Not Overwhelming: In contrast with restaurants, catering halls are free from the usual lunch hour rush, crammed spaces and long waits that accommodate most eateries.

7. You’re in Control: When you prepare to execute your event in a catering hall, you’ll be aided by a corporate event planner to assist you in all of your planning needs, including floor plans, menu changes, registration tables, and drop-off items, to name a few.

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