Five Things To Do After Getting Married

He just popped the big question and you said YES! You have a permanent smile on your face. Your mind is fluttering with tons of thoughts. The dream wedding experts at the award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park have some advice on what to do next so you can enjoy the engagement and get ready to start planning your wedding

1. Grab your cell phone and call your loved ones and closest friends to share the good news. Make sure you do not post on social media before telling your family and friends, they all want to hear from you first.

2. Enjoy being engaged before diving into Wedding planning. Celebrate with loved ones and flaunt that Ring!

3. Start working on a guest list for your wedding. Prior to looking at Long Island wedding venues, you must have an idea of approximately how many guests will be in attendance. Helpful hint: 10% of the rsvp may decline, remember this when giving a minimum guarantee to your venue.

4. Sit down and discuss budgets for the wedding. Approximately 40% of your budget is your Wedding venue. Remember Entertainment, Photography, Floral Design, Transportation, Attire and other special touches.

5. Dream a little! Go grab those bridal magazines. Sign up for Wedding websites and of course Pinterest! Create your vision, think about your style, have your personal touch on all aspects.

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