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Planning a Corporate Event?

Impress your boss by focusing on party details before spending company funds

The boss has just dropped the company holiday party or corporate networking event plans on your desk. The only direction you have: “successful, informative, fun and cost-effective.”

Does this sound familiar?

Rene Wunderlich, corporate sales and event expert for the award-winning Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island, New York (www.innatnhp.com), says “before you start to shop, there are a few points you must nail down to get the best rates and results.”

1. How many people? With company events it is often difficult to get a perfect headcount in advance. Do your best to have an accurate estimate. Not only does this help the venue direct you to the best option, but it also leads to the most accurate pricing for rooms, food, drinks, and the extras. You don’t want to tell the boss more event bills are coming, weeks after you’ve already thrown the party/function

2. Define your goals? Is this a schmooze-with-clients party, a team-building exercise, a charity event, or an in-house training function? If the caterer and event venue professionals know what you are trying to accomplish they can better guide you in all your pre-party decisions.

3. Room setup and layout. This point is connected to the last. Think hard about your event goals. This is your chance to show the boss your creativity. Our event experts will guide you to what layouts are most effective for specific goals

4. Know your date. Seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many shoppers don’t have a rather accurate idea of when they are going to hold the event. It’s not a good use of your time to call around for pricing, or any element of your party, if your date is not decided. Remember, in most cases events are less expensive in the afternoon and on a Monday through Thursday evening verse weekend dates.

5. Avoid the Fear of the unknown, trust the professionals. If you really want to make a splash, don’t settle for an in-house office party, or simple restaurant setup. Work with our event planning experts and let them do their jobs. This way, you can focus on your day-to-day job, and trust every aspect of your event is being handled.

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