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Planning Your Company’s Holiday Party?

‘Tis the season to plan the morale-boosting, company connecting holiday party. For the big companies’ marketing directors or HR staff, this can be an all consuming pressure. For smaller businesses, an administrative assistant or even the boss is responsible for putting together the party.

These events are a way to show your appreciation for your employees and how much you value their work. Cynthia Pesce, a renowned event planner at the award- winning The Inn at New Hyde Park in Long Island, NY (www.innatnhp.com), says the most effective Corporate Events are ones which aim to build camaraderie among your staff and provide a comfortable, social atmosphere.

To ensure your corporate party is a success, Cynthia has a couple of must do’s and must have’s:

1. Break the walls down with adding special entertainment to your party. Face it, some of your employees have never met, barely spoken, or don’t think they want to talk to their co-workers. This is why creating a more social atmosphere is essential. He are a few special entertainment items to break the business dryness:

  • Casino Tables
  • Strolling Illusionist
  • Raffles
  • Karaoke (definitely not including me : )
  • Hypnotist
  • Interactive Dancers, if having a DJ or Band

2. Guarantee good attendance = Pick the right day! – it is easier to just set a day and leave it there. But it is worth putting in the work to hammer out the schedules of as many employees as possible, especially the executives. Nothing is better for workplace morale than the line worker can toast with the CEO. Management should keep in mind that they should act as the Host and make sure their employees are having a good time.

3. Avoid the sit-down stuffiness when drinking and dining. Go with continuous cocktails and progressive dining. A continuous cocktail party or progressive dinner is a great way to encourage your guests to mingle and meet more attendees. When hosting in a venue that has numerous rooms, as we do at The Inn at New Hyde Park, a progressive dinner is a great way to keep a positive energy. Each room has a different feel, can be set differently, and of course have different food items. There can be an all Asian themed food and drink room with sake, sushi and Pad Thai, an Italian room with Chianti, pastas and pizza, or an all Americana room with burgers, hot dogs and locally produced beers.

If you would like to interview Cynthia Pesce, please contact: Cynthia@innatnhp.com

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