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8 Steps To Hosting Successful Corporate Picnics And Events

Posted on November 11, 2017 at 9:00AM

Corporate picnics and events are fun ways to form a bond that could connect members of a company to a new level.

Corporate picnics and events

It’s a great form of socialization most successful companies practice because of its positive social effect on their employees. Corporate picnics and events not only strengthen the company through teamwork but also act as a great way to show appreciation to employees.

If you’re new to the idea of a company picnic or event, the staff at the Inn at New Hyde Park can help. Here’s how we can help.

Get Organized

With all corporate events, we start planning the entire thing by dividing it into different sections:

1. Budget

First, determine your company’s budget for the event. It’s safe to bet 80% of the people invited will attend.

2. Location

The Inn at New Hyde Park offers nearly one dozen different rooms for as few as 10 guests and as many as 1,000.

3. Raffle Items

Who doesn’t love a raffle?! Consider the attendees and what they would really want or need.

4. Party Favors

Then, choose party favors that are simple yet useful for the attendees.

5. Food and Beverages

The Inn at New Hyde Park is a perfect venue for a corporate picnic or event because we can cater food and drinks throughout the entire day or evening.

6. Invitations

Make sure that you have handed out all the invitations you need to the people you’re inviting in the best way they would be received, i.e., email, snail mail, etc.

7. Activities

Many businesses use corporate events as opportunities to say thank you to their team of employees while also including some team building activities to get them motivated when the event wraps up and they head back to work.

8. Entertainment

Whether it be a DJ, band, or even a magician, plan on having some entertainment at your corporate picnic or event to keep your guests entertained after they’ve mingled and enjoyed their meal.

When you are organized and these aspects of your event are in place, it’s smooth sailing.

Let our corporate team at The Inn at New Hyde Park assist you in creating the ideal atmosphere for your next event. Contact the Corporate Sales office at (516) 354.7797 or lynne@innatnhp.com.