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Décor Upgrades: Lighting & Going Further

Posted on September 6, 2018 at 9:47AM

There are so many ways to elevate your special day and we know it can get a little overwhelming when trying to decide. Don’t fear – The Inn is here to help. In this post, we’ll focus specifically on lighting options and going further with simple and fun design additions!

While we know every person’s dream wedding doesn’t always include thinking about lighting – we promise, it’s a big deal! There are so many different lighting options that will bring your reception to life in a way that you never thought possible! With our lighting upgrades, you have control over where you want your guests’ eyes to be drawn. Have a wonderful centerpiece you want everyone to feast their eyes upon? Light it up!  Have a jaw-dropping cake you NEED everyone to see? Send out that spotlight!

Our first lighting upgrade that we offer is Up-Lighting! This effect achieved by placing light fixtures on the floor and having them facing upwards. You can accent the walls around your reception space with fun colors and draw guests’ eyes to certain spaces! Up-Lighting is all about creating the look that you have always imagined on your special day. If you’re interested in this stunning look – let’s talk about pricing!

Georgian Ballroom: $600.00
Gable Ballroom: $400.00
Anthonian, Conservatory, Savannah & Table 7: $350

On to the next jaw-dropping lighting upgrade!

Now, we’ve already talked about pin-spotting on this blog when it was our trend of the month, but you can bet that we are still talking about it – it’s just that good. Pin spots are little bulbs of light that shine down on your centerpieces to really make them pop! Not only can you focus them on your centerpieces but you can accent your stunning wedding cake with them as well. This is the lighting fixture that all your guests will be talking about when they see your reception space. If you upgrade your reception with pin spotting, you’ll have that unique décor that sets your wedding apart from the rest. Interested in this amazing effect? Check out our pricing:

Pin Spots: $50.00 per centerpiece

It’s time to talk about going further!

At The Inn, we take care of all the details, even ones that might seem small! So, when you’re planning what little features might be included in your wedding design, we’ve got some great options for you to choose from. Want a cute accent piece that doubles as a way for guests to give you a little special something for your big day? Take a look at our Mirrored Money Box! You’ll have three modern styles to choose from and they’re only $50 each!

We’ve also got that perfect accent for you and your spouse’s individual table! You just got married and we know you’ll want to shout it out from the rooftops, so how about you get a Mr. & Mrs. Table Top Sign? As you enjoy your delicious meal at your reception, you’ll get to have a gorgeous sign to show everyone exactly where your table is – no one will be able to miss you. You’ve got a choice from gold, silver or white and it’s only $40!

Now that we’ve gone over some of our décor upgrades, we know you’ll want to check them out as you delve into planning your special day. To get more information on what we’ve covered and how you can add these to your reception space!

Discuss it with your event planner, email us at info@innatnhp.com or call us now at (516) 354 – 7797!