Décor Upgrades: Space

Décor Upgrades: Space

Posted on September 25, 2018 at 2:26PM

Creating that perfect environment for your dream wedding can be a little overwhelming- and that’s why we’re here to help! When you have your wedding with us, our ballrooms are a blank slate for the wedding of your dreams and we’ve got tons of different ways to utilize the space you’re working with, so you and your guests get the most out of your big day!

Let’s get started!

One of our first upgrades to bring your space to the next level is a designer dance floor. We know you’re going to want to hit the dance floor on your wedding day, so why not do it in style? This is where you and your guests will be spending most of the night and if your dance floor matches the rest of the room – everyone will be talking about it! When customizing, you’ve got your choice between a white, black or checkered pattern that will allow you to have your own, distinguished dance floor. If you’re interested in this sweet upgrade, let’s talk about pricing!

Gable Ballroom: $1,500.00
Georgian Ballroom: $2,500.00

On to the next space-changing upgrade!

Let’s talk about our lounge furniture upgrade. If you’re interested in making your wedding feel a little more intimate, our lounge set is exactly what you’re looking for. Allow your guests a space to sit and chat comfortably! Not only will this space give an intimate feel to your wedding, it will also give your reception a unique space that you and your guests will appreciate. Interested in our lounge furniture? Check out our pricing:

Lounge Furniture: $400.00 for the set

While we’re on the topic of furniture, let’s dive into our last two space-transforming upgrades! We’ll begin with our Lucite Sweetheart Table. This beauty is not your ordinary sweetheart table, the lucite look will make your and your spouse stand out from the crowd! Lucite is an acrylic glass that is not only lightweight but a shatter-resistant alternative to glass. This stunning sweetheart table will not only stand out to your guests, but it will also give you that modern look that everyone is talking about!

We’re not done with lucite yet! The next upgrade is our Lucite 8’x4’ Tables! Are you looking to make a statement that feels modern and chic? With these gorgeous kings’ tables, your wedding will be truly unforgettable. With lucite you can achieve a modern look that will fit any color scheme you desire!

Interested in these gorgeous tables? Let’s see those prices!

Lucite Sweetheart Table: $500.00
Lucite 8’ x 4’ Tables: $500.00 each

Now that we’ve gone over our décor upgrades that will transform your reception space, we know you’ll want to take a closer look at each of them as you start planning your special day.

Discuss upgrades with your event planner, email us at info@innatnhp.com or call us now at (516)354-7797!