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Fall Is The Perfect Season For An Outdoor Wedding

Posted on October 10, 2015 at 8:08AM

When couples are exploring potential venues for their wedding, no matter what city they are in, they have two options: indoor or outdoor. However, depending on the season of your wedding, you could be restricted to an indoor wedding because of the weather. While most people interested in hosting an outdoor wedding plan their big day sometime during the summer or fall, one of these two seasons may offer more positive wedding experiences than the other.

Many may be under the impression that summer is the perfect season for an outdoor wedding. It is true that summer is a popular time for people to schedule their weddings, but there are a number of drawbacks to having a summer wedding. Many people don’t think about good weather being a problem  This is why fall may be the better choice when couples are trying to figure out when and where their wedding should be held.

Here are a few reasons why fall is the perfect season for an outdoor wedding.

Fall Wedding Scenery

Fall offers wedding goers and couples beautiful scenery to enjoy during both the ceremony and the reception. With the fall foliage lending its blend of warm colors, leaves and branches to the decor of your wedding, you can save a few dollars on dressing up your wedding venue. An added plus is that you could create bouquets from a variety of plants that only make their appearance once a year in fall.

Cooler Wedding Weather

The summer is a popular time to host a wedding, but the weather can often be too hot and humid. The humidity and heat can cause guests to be uncomfortable and long for a place to cool off. Celebrating outside may be better than being crammed into a small banquet hall, but not everyone can stand the beating sun. Fall is perfect because by the time it has rolled around, people can expect to start to experience cooler weather. This is perfect for a wedding because guest will not be too hot during the celebration.

Variety of Wedding Venue Options

In the fall, venues may be booked because it is wedding season and there are a number of couples tying the knot during this season. This means that it’s time to get creative with where you host your wedding. There are backyards, parks and, maybe on a slightly warmer day, a beach wedding could work. While you may be limited with options when it comes to an outdoor wedding at a hotel, banquet hall or another venue that offers an outdoor option, it doesn’t meant you can’t find an alternative that works just as great.

When considering what season to host your wedding in, consider fall. The summer months may be a popular time to host weddings, but that doesn’t mean it is the best. Fall offers couples and guests of their wedding a number of perks that they may not get to experience if they host their wedding is held in winter, spring or summer. Take advantage of what fall has to offer and plan your wedding during the perfect season.