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Five Signature Spring Cocktails

Posted on May 2, 2017 at 4:55PM

A signature cocktail is an excellent way to add that personal touch to your event. With Spring here, we’ve come up with refreshing and unique ideas for your signature cocktail. With flavors from fruit to flowers, we’ve designed cocktails that are on trend and perfect for the season.


Cucumber Infused Gin & Grapefruit Fizz

12-ounce Gin
8 Large Ice Cubes
3, 12-ounce bottles of grapefruit soda such as Spindrift
2 Persian Cucumbers, sliced into rounds

This signature cocktail is perfect for a late Spring occasion. The gin gives it herbal notes and the addition of grapefruit soda and cucumbers make this cocktail crisp and refreshing. It’s light crisp nature of this cocktail can even serve to cleanse the palate between courses.

Bourbon Bramble

Muddled berries
Blackberry Brandy
Ginger Ale

Bourbon is having a moment. It’s totally on trend with the rise of traditional cocktails from the fifties and sixties. This signature cocktail breathes new life to bourbon and plays off the sweet notes present in it. Blackberry brandy adds to that sweetness and the muddled berries infuse into the bourbon to transform it. Lastly a splash Ginger Ale lifts this cocktail from sweet to refreshing!

Pear Nectar & Thyme Mimosa

Pear Nectar
garnished with Thyme

Your guests should be wowed with the unexpected: this drink is anything but expected. How often have you had thyme and pear together? The sweetness of the pear works with the thyme for a pick me up and for that freshness reminiscent of fresh cut grass. Best served at an afternoon during cocktail hour.

Spiked Elderflower Lemonade

Elderflower Cordial
Lemon Juice,
Vodka, chilled
Seltzer or Club Soda

Elderflowers have been used since Roman times medicinally and for drinks. This rich history is one of the reasons it has become popular once again, but for cocktails. The slight hint of floral notes embodies Spring perfectly with the lemon juice to give it a crisp and refreshing end. These bold flavors are preserved with the addition of vodka and seltzer which work to make it this cocktail even more refreshing.

Sparkling Strawberry Rose’ Sangria

Sliced Strawberries
Sliced Oranges
Sliced Lemon
Rose’ Champagne
Simple Syrup
Sparkling water
Lemon and Verbena Sprigs as a garnish

This is a refreshing Spring twist on the classic sangria. The Rose’ Champagne lifts the palate with a lighter flavor and the bubbles intensify this effect. The addition of strawberries brings sweetness and the citrus lends acidity that works to lift the drink, making it perfect for any daytime affair.