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Four Unique Additions to Floral Arrangements

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 5:06PM

Floral arrangements are a classic addition to any event. But flowers are not the only feature in many trendy centerpieces! There are so many unique ideas to made additions to your arrangements. From fruits to balloons we’ve got some inspiration to make your centerpieces truly unique!

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies

Making the leap to add fruit is simple, since like flowers, they’re living and symbolize fertility. With so many colors available, there are fruits to go with any color scheme or style. We’ve seen every fruit and veggie imaginable from limes to cabbage. The assorted colors and shapes add variety and texture, as well as fragrance to contribute visually and to the event’s overall ambiance.


Balloons are not just for kid’s parties. They’ve been imagined into all different elements in centerpieces. Perhaps the most popular sculptural use is to portray the arrangement as a hot air balloon. From Weddings to Showers, we’ve seen balloons are a hot new trend. With a variety of colors, tones, and shapes you can add more visual appeal and height to any floral centerpiece.


Aside from color, different elements can add texture and contribute to your theme. Feathers are a beautiful and silky addition to any centerpiece. From pheasant to peacock, feathers come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. They can suit many event moods, from rustic to glamorous, depending on feather choice. Feathers can also add shape, movement and height to enhance any floral centerpiece.


To add that extra touch of glamour, beads are an excellent addition to your floral centerpieces. From pearls to crystals, there are tons of options for texture and color. Think of the addition of beads like jewelry for your centerpieces; they can enhance the length by hanging from tall centerpieces or flow along the sides of a wide centerpiece. For the ultimate luxury enhancement to floral arrangements choose beads.