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Hold Your Corporate Event At The Best Long Island Banquet Venue

Posted on October 12, 2015 at 7:33AM

Corporate events are really no different than an anniversary party, birthday celebration or wedding when it comes to the planning process. Along with finding the perfect venue, people must sit down and make decisions about the menu, decorations and the guest list. The goal here to plan a successful corporate event where people can relax and enjoy a more fun, social atmosphere that they may not experience at work. If you are located in Long Island, you may find that most people believe that The Inn at New Hyde Park is the only venue that can allow this to happen.

The Inn at New Hyde Park is often the top choice for businesses and companies looking to host corporate events in the Long Island Area. While weddings are a specialty of this particular venue, the well-trained staff are very familiar with corporate events and have assisted many companies with hosting a successful banquet. Those who have heard of The Inn may already know what it has to offer and why it is a top choice, but for those who are unfamiliar with this venue, they may be wondering why so many people have chosen to host their huge, important celebrations there.

Multiple Room Options

Corporate events tend to be large, as the guest list may include customers, clients, employees and superiors. With there being the chance that every guest may make an appearance at your event, you want to find a venue that offers you a number of rooms that can accommodate groups of various sizes. The Inn has rooms that are perfect for groups as small as 50 and as large as 500 guests in the Georgian Room.

Unique Room Options

Not only are there multiple rooms of different sizes available at The Inn, but all of them are unique. Guests considering The Inn as a potential Long Island banquet venue, will probably inquire about each room and what it features as far as design and decor. Though each of The Inn’s spaces feature French doors, granite and mahogany customs bars, crystal chandeliers and cherry wood dance floors, each room has a different theme. For example, the Tuscany Room is inspired after an Italian Street Market and is beautifully designed with a fireplace, copper ceilings and authentic Italian Marble and stone.

Customizable Menu

You know your guests better than anyone, so it is likely that you will have a good idea of what type of food people will enjoy. Instead of letting your venue offer you a set menu, you want to find a venue that will let you customize your menu, so guests will actually enjoy the food. With any event, the food that is served can have a huge affect on whether or not people truly have a good time. At The Inn, you can pick out your menu items and have every item you select prepared by the highly skilled, world-renowned chefs, so you can be sure guests will savor every bite.

Indoor/ Outdoor Option

Corporate event are held year-round, so depending on when yours is scheduled, you will want to take advantage of the available outdoor space at The Inn. Ideally, summer or fall would be when it would be appropriate to host the event outdoors because guests can enjoy the scenery and the weather. The Inn’s outdoor space features an illuminated waterfall, outdoor patio, two wrought-iron gazebos, Koi pond and a bridge. This is actually the ideal setting for pictures that are sure to be taken and shared later when people look back on the event and talk about what a success it was.

Corporate Services

You are hosting a corporate event, so you may require a number of services during the event. Whether it be a podium, microphone, projector or easels, The Inn can provide it for you. This is extremely convenient because guests will only have to worry about showing up and having a good time and not having to lug in heavy equipment. Everyone should be enjoying themselves, so let The Inn’s staff handle the technical stuff and relieve some work from your load.

Your corporate event is one of the most important events you will schedule this year, so you deserve to host it at a venue where the staff is well-trained, competent and recognizes the importance of the event’s success. For that reason, The Inn at New Hyde Park is one place companies and businesses will want to consider when exploring potential venues for their corporate event. With years of experience, The Inn’s staff always works hard to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience and exceed expectations, so you can assume that your event will be everything you imagined it would be and more.