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Hot Trend: Barlour, Liquor Infused Desserts

Posted on July 13, 2017 at 3:39PM

Liquor is not just for cocktails anymore. It’s called “Barlour”, merging the words “Bar” and “Parlour”. A hot new trend referring to desserts and ice creams with the addition of liquor. It’s a fun way to liven up your dessert course.

This idea went viral just in May of this year with the opening of an Ice Cream Barlour in NYC. People lined up down the block for this tasty adult treat that you need to be 21 or older to purchase.

Here are four events we think would be the perfect fit for this trend:


After you cut your cake, bring out the “Barlour” and keep the party going. This addition is sure to be talked about amongst all your guests for years to come.

Adult Milestone Birthdays

What better way to celebrate an adult birthday party than with some adult dessert. Liquor Infused milkshakes would bring all the guests to the table!

Anniversary Parties

Celebrate years of your love with something sweet and a little fun. You can have the “Barlour” make its own grand entrance to add excitement to your day!

Holiday Parties

What could be more festive than liquor infused desserts? Rock around the holiday tree or ring in the new year with a special adult treat.

What are the options at the Inn at New Hyde Park?

We’re always looking to stay in front of trends here and we have some great Innhouse Upgrades. We have liquor infused milkshakes, snow cones, and ice cream.

Talk to our wedding planners about adding it to your event. Contact us today at (516) 354.7797.