Trend of the Month: Pin Spotting - Inn at New Hyde Park

Trend of the Month: Pin Spotting

Posted on August 13, 2018 at 12:53PM

Light up your wedding night!

Looking for an interesting way to create drama and dimension in your reception space? We’ve looked at all the latest trends and we’ve found the one that can accomplish just that! Brace yourself and get acquainted with our trend of the month – pin spotting! These tiny spotlights can elevate your centerpieces into stunning works of art or showcase how amazing your wedding cake is! No one will be able to forget how gorgeous your tables looked and how the effects of the pin spotting made your centerpieces pop.

So, we know what you’re thinking – what exactly are these tiny spots of light?

Pin spotting is a tiny beam of while light that can be projected onto tabletops and showcase whichever items you’d like to be in the spotlight. Want to show off your wedding cake so that everyone’s eyes are drawn to it? Or, do you want your centerpiece to truly shine? Pin spotting is the answer for you. These lights are set up with specialized bulbs that create a narrow spotlight and when they’re focused just right, you get a truly beautiful accent.

We know that if you’re looking for that unforgettable evening reception, pin spotting will be the perfect accent to set your wedding apart. Check out some of the featured photos below!

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