Trend of the Month: Smoke Bombs

Trend of the Month: Smoke Bombs

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 3:30PM

At the Inn, we’re always looking for fun and unique trends to share with our couples…

We want your day to be as colorful as you are! So for this months trend, we did some digging, and we’ve decided that we know EXACTLY how to make your wedding photos the absolute bomb (literally): by using the little vibrant plumes of smokey goodness that make up our favorite things ever – smoke bombs!

Give Your Portraits That Extra Kick!

Originally created for military use, these (totally safe!) little smoke bombs create a breathtakingly bold added element for your wedding portraits. As the smoke floats behind (or in front) of you, these cute pyrotechnics give the dreamiest, most enchanting hue– and we’re loving it!

Smoke bombs come in a whole rainbow of colors, so choosing the ones that fit your theme is super easy! Not only is the smoke thick and mystical looking, but it also creates a dramatic contrast between your gorgeous gown and the atmosphere around you. Ask your photographer for some tips on how to get the most dynamic portraits once they’re lit – and make sure you buy extra just in case!

Of course, you’ll have to take into consideration the setting, temperature, weather, and a few more things, but we’re positive you’ll totally adore these tiny color bursts! Take a peek at a few of the photos we’re loving from some of our fave photographers!

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