Trend Alert: Drones, The Inn at New Hyde Park

Trend Alert: Drones

Posted on December 4, 2018 at 12:07PM

It’s time for another Trend Alert! With 2019 on the horizon, new trends are on the rise as well. With the age of technology, we’ve discovered so many new ways to capture your special day! One of the major developments has been drones. They’re not just a big deal to the technology world – they’re a big deal in the world of wedding photography as well and that’s why we’ve chosen them for our Trend Alert!

Want a stunning aerial shot to show off to all your nearest and dearest?

There’s no better way to capture the moment than a gorgeous drone photo! If you’re looking to switch up your photos and have a little more than traditional photography, then this is the way to do it. Your wedding photography will certainly stand out among the rest and give a whole new perspective to your special day.

Drone photo of wedding party!

Another benefit to drone photography is to get fun and different angles of your whole bridal party! Bring the drone in close to get a snap of the group or create cool formations to bring some serious creativity to the day! For all those in the process of planning their spring weddings, you’ll also have the gorgeous scenery of our lush garden to bring your photos to life.

Drone photography is a stunning way to capture your wedding photos from a whole new angle and as we get into 2019, we know this trend will continue to be on the rise. Get ahead of the rest and incorporate them into your wedding today!

If you’re interested in adding a little drone photography or cinematography into your wedding, make sure you discuss it with your event planner! Don’t forget to take a look at our upgrades page as well where you can explore all the other stunning additions you can bring to your big day!

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