Trend Alert: Midnight Munchies

Trend of the Month: Midnight Munchies

Posted on November 6, 2018 at 9:56AM

Our event planners took a poll from all our clients and you’ve decided – Midnight Munchies took first place and is our new trend of the month! We know you’ll absolutely love to have these tasty treats featured at your reception for a little late night snack. These munchies are passed out for the last half hour of your event – they’ll be passed around to guests seated at tables, guests at the bar and guests who are still on the dance floor! Everyone who attends your reception will get the chance to enjoy something off our delicious munchie menu.

Curious about having our midnight munchies added on to your reception?

Let’s get into the menu!

Our Midnight Munchies feature:

  • Mac & Cheese Wedges
  • Pulled Pork Sliders
  • French Fries in a cone
  • Pepperoni Pizza Log
  • Mini Chicago Dog (with onion, pickle, hot peppers and tomato relish)

An image of French Fries and ketchup

We know that menu has got your mouth watering and we know it’s something your guests will enjoy as well! With this add on, your guests can enjoy a variety of different treats that are unique and delicious. There’s nothing that makes your reception stand out more than amazing food and we know you and your guests won’t be able to get enough!

The Midnight Munchies add on is for events with 100 guests or more – you’ll be able to ensure all your guests are well fed while having the time of their lives helping you celebrate your special day! Make your wedding stand out and order up some yummy munchies!

An image of pepperoni pizza logs

If you’re interested in adding this delicious feature into your reception, make sure you discuss it with your event planner! Don’t forget to also look at our upgrades page to explore all the amazing additions you can have at your reception!

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