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5 Must-Have Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted on January 24, 2018 at 9:00AM

At any wedding, the details are important and make the difference between good and great. While a cake should taste great, it should also look amazing - almost too good to eat.

Enter: Wedding cake toppers.

Traditionally, these include small models of a bride and a groom sitting on top of the wedding cake in their formal wedding dress and tuxedo.

Wedding cake toppers have been on the wedding scene since the 1950s where it is believed to represent the couple’s togetherness, but over the years, wedding toppers have evolved and started showing some diversity in different marriages. Today, almost everything is available.

Wedding cake toppers- cake by Dortoni

Cake by Dortoni

Here are some unique wedding cake topper ideas you can use as an inspiration to decorate your wedding cake:

1. Laser-Cut Sign

This cake topper is perfect for those couples who run a tight budget but still would like their wedding topper to look elegant and classy. You can put some cute love sayings you and your partner both love, your initials, or your wedding date!

2. Modern Figurines

If you want your wedding topper to be unique and quirky then this idea is for you. You can get animal figurines that match your wedding theme and pair them with a chalkboard-inspired mini sign for you to write your initials, then you’ll have your own, one of a kind wedding cake topper.

3. A Classic Bunting Banner

If you’re not into figurines and would rather keep it simple and personalized, then this cake topper is for you. You can have a custom-made banner with your initials, or wedding date printed to give your wedding cake an elegant and simple vibe.

4. A Thematic Topper

Thematic toppers are for those couples who want to keep their decor symbolic and artistic. To do this, find a topper that represents a hobby you and your partner share and have it customized with a little print or carving. Then, you can put it on top of your wedding cake and appreciate its beauty.

5. More decor

What does the rest of your cake look like? If it’s full of flowers or crystals, then add even more of them to the top of the cake in a strategic and well placed fashion to really wow your guests.

If you need help deciding on a cake, or any other aspect of your wedding, please schedule an appointment to speak with our event coordinators.

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