Wedding Cake Trends of 2017- The Inn at New Hyde Park

Wedding Cake Trends of 2017

Posted on August 24, 2017 at 6:40PM

The wedding cake is the food centerpiece of your wedding, so  you want to have a cake that’s both gorgeous and delicious. With so many styles to choose from it can be difficult  So we have compiled this list of wedding cake trends of 2017 and even beyond. These trends come directly from some of the most celebrated pastry chefs through the country.


New Cake Shapes


Round and square shaped cakes are the normal go-to, but brides are now looking for more unconventional shapes now. There has been increased demand for hexagonal cakes, octagons, and even rectangles. Why not try something new and distinct?


Topped with Cookies



Doesn’t your cake deserve an accessory? People are adorning their cakes with cookies, especially macarons. But if you’re a fan of any other cookie, those can also be integrated into the overall design of the cake. We love how these macarons add a pop of color to a stark white cake.

Totally Naked… Cakes that is


A naked cake is one that isn’t frosted on the outside. They offer a more natural look and showcases the overall appearance of the cake. It can work with any style of wedding, but works best for rustic style weddings. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, many are still decorated beautifully. This one is accented with some flowers to intensify the red velvet cake.

Rose Gold and Copper Cakes



Rose gold or Copper is the new gold standard. While the metallic trend is still HOT, copper and rose gold are gaining traction with a lot more bakeries getting requests for them. The colors also both blend well with ivory or white as popular in most wedding cakes. We see subtle splashes added in, nothing too over the top.

Illustrated Cakes


Another trend is illustrated cakes. Using the cake as a canvas the pastry artist can draw directly on the cake to adorn it. This can be used for any style of wedding and adds a truly unique touch. The example above even adds illustration to the three-dimensional elements making this make look like a drawing come to life!

Where to Get Your Trendy Cake

Francesco’s Bakery in Nassau County offers many upgrades for your wedding cake at the Inn. They’re known for their delicious marshmallow fondant. Check out their website to see their beautiful confection creations.