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Wedding Invitation Wording

Posted on January 17, 2018 at 9:00AM

Your wedding day is a very special day so it should be celebrated with special people. Those people deserve an invitation that is unique and sets the tone for your big day. With invitations from INNvite Us, there are guaranteed to be exactly what you want.

Wedding Invitation Wording

In addition to the look, we also pay close attention to wedding invitation wording and what makes a great wedding invitation really stand out.

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The Monogram

The monogram is probably one of the most important and recognized pieces of the wedding invitation. Never underestimate the impression a monogram gives!

A monogram needs to embody the entire theme of the wedding. Monograms are composed of the couple’s names or their initials in union. It can also contain a symbol such as doves or anything that symbolizes unity, but remember to keep it consistent with the theme and colors of the wedding! Most monograms are composed of serif typeface with a dash of handwritten styled fonts.

The Couple

How can an invitation be complete without mentioning the stars of the event? Traditionally, the groom’s name comes first before the bride’s. However, most are up to personal preference. Also, remember to put the names of the couple on the cover of the invitation.

The Details

Here at the Inn at New Hyde Park, details are our specialty. This part is straightforward - the date, location, and time. These details will most likely be placed on the front of the invitation and you’ll want to stay resourceful with the space this part will take up along with the monogram and the couple’s names.

Hosts' Names

There can’t be a wedding without the hosts (excluding the couples of course). The hosts' names are composed of everyone invited to the wedding. The first list of hosts should be the ones that covered the wedding expenses and the rest can be in any order of a list.

Post Ceremony

This part of the wedding invitation wording is the real meat of the event the invitation is for. This is your chance to give people a little teaser as to what they can expect - from the theme to the activities.

The Inn at New Hyde Park is your one-stop event shop, even when it comes to wedding invitations.

Our experienced and endlessly creative planning associates will help you design not only the perfect invitation but a full range of personalized accessories that will not only set the tone of your dream even but will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Visit us here to bring your invitation vision to life.

Wedding invitation wording